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Welcome to our new Trustee

The Valley Trust is delighted to announce a new Trustee, Amanda Kirkpatrick. Amanda is a Business Development Manager with 18 years’ experience working in the professional services sector helping law, accountancy and consultancy firms to develop their client base and increase revenues at both operational and strategic

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Counsellors’ Training Day

Creative ways to work with anxious children. Valley Trust was delighted to welcome Tracey Brittain who delivered an excellent day of training for the Counsellors. They spent time looking at common manifestations of anxiety and creatively exploring the process in the brain, showing how this can be demonstrated

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Sleep Help: a site devoted to spreading awareness of sleep health and wellness

Sleep Help is a site devoted to spreading awareness of sleep health and wellness. They have created a resource specifically for helping children and adults with autism to get better sleep, available here: Researchers have found that autism can affect the body’s ability to produce melatonin

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How To Identify The Early Signs Of Mental Health Issues

This guide is a helpful resource to begin to understand the wide range of mental health issues and how learning about the early signs and symptoms of mental illness, and early treatment can help decrease the severity of these conditions. It further illustrates these early signs and

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A review of children and young people’s mental health services The Care Quality Commission recently conducted the second phase of its review of quality and access across the system of mental health services for children and young people.  The report draws on evidence gathered from fieldwork in

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Useful links to further mental health support

The Valley Trust believes that the benefit of one to one Counselling by experienced and trained therapists is often the best way of reaching out and supporting vulnerable children.  However there are many funded organisations who offer lots of different types of assistance to children and young

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