Our Counsellors are all qualified, experienced and professionally accredited, and as an organisation we have an excellent track record.

We counsel up to 1,000 children a year.

We believe that Pupils do better academically when they feel emotionally supported.

We are a registered charity providing counselling services to children in primary and secondary schools across four counties: Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex and Berkshire.

The Valley Trust

Using schools as the setting for our service is an effective way of making counselling available and accessible to pupils who may be experiencing emotional distress and/or behavioural problems – it is also a cost-effective delivery path.

We support individual children aged between 4 and 17. A range of experiences – including bereavement, family break up, family and peer relationship difficulties, anxiety, and bullying – can lead to deterioration in a pupil’s behaviour or ability to function effectively in school.

Whether you are a teacher, parent or anyone else in a role who promotes the wellbeing of young people, we would be pleased to discuss how best to access our service for children in a school which is using a Valley Trust counsellor.

We pride ourselves on excellent outcomes, and look forward to hearing from you.

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      Since talking to the counsellor I can hug my mum more.     –   Sophie, aged 9

      Talking things through with the counsellor made such a difference and took so much pressure off me.     –   Paul, aged 15