The Valley Trust have decided that the Bruce Pearce Award will be replaced by the Bruce Pearce Fund. This allows any school that uses our service to apply for funding for any project that will benefit pupils outside the standard counselling process, for example setting up a peer mentoring group, workshops etc. This can be applied for, at any time, and from any school. These will be reviewed by the Trust and awarded accordingly. The award will normally be in the order of £500 – £1,000 with each case being assessed individually.

Bruce Pearce Fund criteria

The Bruce Pearce Award is presented to one of our selected schools each year. This is in memory of The Valley Trusts founder Bruce Pearce who was instrumental in starting the trust in 1975.

The Award will take the form of a certificate, which schools will be able to display, and the sum of £1,000. Schools receiving the Award will be able to use this for promotional purposes and incorporate the Award into their publications, letterheads and prospectus if desired.

To be considered for this Award schools will need to:

  • Demonstrate excellence in supporting the emotional needs of their pupils.
  • Prove the need for additional funding for a specific purpose such as direct support to a specific child in need of longer term counselling where additional work cannot be provided by the school or other funds.
  • Demonstrate the need for funding for a specific purpose or initiative within the school in order to further improve pupils’ access to emotional well-being.
  • Demonstrate high levels of incentive to support the emotional needs of pupils through their allocation of the Direct Schools Grant, Pupil Premium and school fundraising events.